Training in Sakarya (Turkey) on Agroecology with Central Asian and Turkish partners (With Çiftçi-Sen & ADI)

During the week of the 30th of May, Schola Campesina Aps (Italy), ADI (Kyrgyzstan), and Çiftçi-sen (Turkey), with the financial support of FAO, hosted agroecology trainings with the aim of sharing knowledge and raising awareness within the participants’ organisations on the opportunities brought by Agroecology. Overall the event was successful in building capacity and a stronger network amongst organisations of the region and introducing various tools and concepts related to Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, the Nyéléni declaration as well as the UN Declaration on the rights of Peasants and other Rural Workers. This document outlines what occurred and was discussed during the trainings as well as highlighting a few of the methodologies and outcomes.

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