TAPE - Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation

Testing TAPE in European and Central Asian contexts (2021)

Funded by FAO REU

Schola Campesina has tested the Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE) in 10 countries : Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Tajikistan

Is this context, a Community of Practice has been set up to share experiences on TAPE and agroecology in the region. This Community of Practice represents a unique opportunity to strenghten to network of actors advancing agroecology in a region where smallholders are largely practicing agroecology but where the concept and political support is particularly poor.

The co-publication with FAO (REU) of a report on Biodiversity linked to food systems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2020-July 2021)

Funded by FAO REU

In close relation with regional partners and FAO REU, we coordinated this important report lists data collection and monitoring actions related to biodiversity evolution linked to food systems (essentially agricultural biodiversity); highlight gaps and make policy recommendations to improve the data collection and monitorin systems and to preserve and recover biodiversity from a food system perspective.

This report focus on three regions:

  • The South Caucasus countries, Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey Partner: Biological Farming Association ELKANA Lead author / coordinator: Elene Shatberashvili
  • The Western Balkan countries and the Republic of Moldova: Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Partner and lead author: Dr. Gordana Đuric
  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan  Partner and lead author: Agnieszka Makowska
Here below you will find the online Annexes of the report:

Testing the Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE) in European and Central Asian contexts (July-Dec. 2020)

Schola Campesina is testing the Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE) in the Biodistrict of Via Amerina e delle Forre and is organizing the testing in Central Asia, Caucasus and the Balkans.

Is this context, an e-course has been designed to train our partners on TAPE.

More info is available here.

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