Rights and Commons

People are rights holders. Our collective rights to access natural resources, cultural heritage, etc.

Collective rights and access to the commons are fundamental pillar of agroecology. We share access to territories that are the home to many different peer groups, and we have sophisticated customary systems for regulating access and avoiding conflicts that we want to preserve and to strengthen. (Nyéléni Déclaration, 2015)

Right to natural resources

Right to land

Farmers’ rights to seeds

The seed question is wide. The following documents relate to intellectual property rights, criminalization of farmers’ seeds, international treaties and regulations, institutional lock-ins, farmer’s seeds networks, seeds selection and conservation methods.

    • Audio doc in FrenchIbrahima Coulibaly (CNOP Mali / ROPPA) : the need for regulations to protect peasant seeds in West African countries

Right to food

links: http://www.righttofoodandnutrition.org/