Atelier sur l’Agroécologie au Kirghizstan

Schola Campesina est au Kirghizstan (2-4 mars 2019) pour la facilitation d’un atelier sur l’Agroécologie à destination des membres du réseau de sauveurs de semences Dyikan Muras, en collaboration avec ADI (Agency of Devlopment Initiatives)


Aida Jamangulova (Agency of Development Initiatives) wrote:

“March 2-5, 2019 Agency for Development Initiatives (ADI) together with Schola Compensina (Italy) organized introductory workshop on “Agroecology” for farmers of the Dyikan Muras seed savers network. “Dyikan Muras” (farmers’ heritage) seed savers’ network was established with aim to contribute to conserve agrobiodiversity of Kyrgyzstan through collecting and growing locally adapted community vegetable seed varieties.
The seminar was facilitated by Andrea Ferrante (Schola Campesina, Italy). During the workshop, participants talked about the core elements of agroecology based on FAO 10 elements of agroecology and Nyéléni Declaration (Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology, Mali, 2015).

It was the first training on agroecology adapted for farmers in Kyrgyz language. Within these two days farmers discussed the key principles of the agroecology and its reflection in Kyrgyz culture and in Kyrgyz farmers’ current life – rights, territory, knowledge sharing, farmers’ practice, networking, the role of women and youth. At the end of workshop, participants concluded that agroecolgy is complex answer for nowadays challenges faced by small scales farmers. It is important to unite efforts to promote the rights and interests of small farmers, women farmers.”

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