Facilitacion de un curso sul Agroecologia en Polonia

Schola Campesina is supporting the Food Sovereignity movement in Poland (Nyeleni Polska) to organize an innovative training for farmers activists and educators on Agroecology «AGRO-PERMA-LAB». To be held in the second half of October 2019, the training will be based on knowledge sharing methods (participants are providing knowledge based on their experiences) and dialogue of knowledge (including different types of participants : farmers, educators, academics). This project is funded by the Lush Permaculture and Agroecology Fund. A website is coming soon.

Agro-Perma-Lab is a capacity building training programme integrating political and popular education in Agroecology for 16 activist members of farmers’ unions and allied organizations from the Food
Sovereignty network in Poland.
The project will strengthen Food Sovereignty movement, create dialogue and lasting solidarity relationships between critical organizational actors, especially farmers . More specifically, the training will bring together small scale food producers’ organizations from different sectors (organic, traditional-peasant, family, permaculture farming) and generations and empower them to influence the political spaces and mechanisms in food and
agriculture governance.
Agro-Perma-Lab will critically translate and adapt the curriculum and methodology of the Schola Campesina –
training in Peasant Agroecology and the Global Governance of Food and Agriculture and integrate it with the existing
education in Agroecology from Poland. The pedagogical principles will be rooted in the horizontal peer-to-peer
method, » Diálogo de Saberes «. The Polish pedagogical committee will ensure the relevance of the project with
farmers’ social, political and economic realities.
Agro-Perma-Lab will also shape the Polish articulation of the vision of Agroecology for the New Generation of Farmers
for 2020-2030, the Decade of Family Farming (FAO). Lastly, the project will develop resources for internal
capacity-building and self-financing at Nyeleni Polska.

Brief presentation of Agro-Perma Lab project

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