Who are we?

Schola Campesina Onlus is an italian center for trainings and participatory research activities seeking to strengthen producers’ organizations in their struggle for Food sovereignty through knowledge valorization and sharing.

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Based on Nyéléni International Forum for Agroecology (2015) and on the principles of Dialogo de saberes and Popular Education; Schola Campesina seeks to boost the sharing of peasant, academical and activist knowledge.

Through trainings and events Schola Campesina provides specific information related to the global governance of food and agriculture to producers’ organizations strenghtening their position within the Rome process.

The first training of Schola Campesina took place from Sept. 25 to Oct. 7 2017. It brought together 15 members of peasants’ organizations (LVC members) from around the world to share experiences and discuss issues related to, amongst others, the global governance of food and agriculture, peasants’ knowledge, peasants’ autonomy, agroecological practices, peasants’ global struggles, local and global food policies and women’s empowerment. It took place in a partner farm in the Biodistrict of Viterbo Province and in Rome next to all UN bodies related to food and agriculture which allowed the participants to benefit from peasant and activist knowledge from all around the world. This first edition has been funded by FAO / OPCP and Associazione Tulipano Bianco/Confeuro.